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    Normally I dislike humble-braggy posts like this, but it is quite impressive that they ship iOS/Android native apps rapidly with only three engineers.

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      I didn’t spot the humble part. Regardless, it’s an interesting overview. I guess it shows that being disciplined about automation can pay off? I think Heroku adds quite a lot of value - I made a similar choice when I ran a company, and we were able to develop a surprising amount of functionality with 3 engineers too.

      I do wonder how they keep their services up around the clock with just 3 people. Even with plenty of automation, it doesn’t seem sustainable. In my case, we were lucky that we only had a small number of enterprise users who were mostly active during work hours, and uptime wasn’t critical in the off hours.

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        Yeah this story would have been impressive with 3 backend engineers. But 3 guys shared across iOS, Android and backend dev is quite the accomplishment.

        I see that they use Kinesis a lot. I tried to go through those docs, but never quite got the hang of it.