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    The heart of the issue here is a fundamental shift in user requirements. The end user driving requirements of social media has shifted from the people using the service to companies serving adware and data analytics (and government.) All the user hostile changes make perfect sense in this context–they simply mean that we have shifted from consumer to product.

    Stanley merely noted that the user features aimed at him are no longer sufficient to overcome the detracting features aimed at improving the user experience of advertisement companies.

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      This would be better off with the culture tag, since it’s about web culture. It’d be better with the rant tag, since it’s just a rant.

      It’s almost completely nontechnical kvetching about products, so I don’t think it should be here.

      edit: fix typo.

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        I agree. it’s off topic at best. I’d be more likely to ignore that if it said anything insightful, but it doesn’t.

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        I think the problem is more with centralized proprietary social networking. I’ve recently started using mastodon and secure scuttlebutt, two decentralized social networks and the experience has been perfectly pleasant. Now of course this does have something to do with the fact that their population is much smaller than that of twitter or facebook, but mastodon has a pretty varied population and it’s still much more pleasant than twitter (And if you dont like your instance just join another one / create your own)

        After trying them out a few weeks I deleted my accounts on networks like untapped, facebook, linkedIn and etc.. But then, I only had a facebook and linkedin account because I created them when I was 15, if I stumbled on facebook today, I would never create an account on it.

        Edit: I seem to have double posted by accident.

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          What does “malware served” in every section mean?

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            You see at the top where it says he remembers the internet before google?

            He goes on to name the malware products: gmail, search, and adwords+related products.

            His point is that all of those things were better before Google took them over. Their replacements are malware. I couldn’t agree more.

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              /me adds malware to the list of words that no longer have meaning.

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                Would ‘scamware’ have worked better? ‘Spyware’ certainly applies, as does ‘adware’.

                I’m personally responsible for bringing dozens of users and three small businesses to Google. Before that, I brought a couple of users to Altavista.

                I argued that people shouldn’t ban Google’s spider bot from their web servers. I convinced people that having all their email in one searchable place for free forever was life changing and they should sign up post-haste.

                I stopped people on the street when they were carrying Mapquest printouts and told them about Maps.

                I imported my own email archives from pre-Gmail into Gmail. I reported bugs.

                I told people they could trust Google and that economies of scale meant that Gmail would always be faster and better than their own mail servers.

                I argued against the first (and second, and third) waves of anti-Google sentiment. I apologize… I thought they were Luddites that just didn’t get it, didn’t see the future. Well, actually, they saw it more clearly than I.

                Anyway, I know how the author of the piece feels and I think it’s on-topic for lobste.rs. In that it sets the stage for discussion!

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                  A coercive unpleasant experience designed to induce behavior in the target? That’s torture. You could say the Facebook timeline is literally torture, and I’d object to the hyperbole, but I don’t think you’d be entirely wrong.

                  Manipulationware is a little long. Grindware? You’re on a treadmill trying to get ahead, but you’re just running in place.

                  Honesty though, I’m not a fan of the ware suffix generally. I think there’s a strong connotation of local client software. To that end, malservice would be a good term.

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                  Completely off-topic, but I get an ‘unknown issuer’ error when I try to visit your website.

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                    New one here, eh? :^)

                    Have a read, why don’t you!?

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                I was wondering the same thing. Googling “Facebook malware” reveals a few instances where some Facebook features served malware ads, maybe that?

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                  The Facebook malware is “Mandatory non-linear curation of user contributed content”.

                  He’s saying that sharing was better before Facebook. I couldn’t agree more.