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    I wish i had done this.

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      Same. It’s a very old regret now. Oh well.

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      Seriously great.

      I remember my first real attempt at a program: drawing the name of what would surely be my highly successful game company on a Commodore 64. I only knew what I could decipher from those books of games (which I signed out from the library). I had no programming manual to speak of and I didn’t know anyone else who programmed. The most advanced thing I knew of was PEEK and POKE in BASIC. I got it to draw something, but it was abysmally slow and I was completely mystified as to how all those other companies could draw things so quickly. It was later, after not really using a computer for over 10 years, when I learned about assembly language that it made sense.

      The code is long gone, though. I probably used the diskette as frisbee when I decided being a rebel was worth my time.

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        I think saving your first programs is a great idea! I like the fact that you have screenshots, all I have is code.