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    This article looks at two markets - the labor market and what I’ll call the “cost of living market”. The author clearly believes the labor market is unfair - otherwise they’d advocate paying whatever the market rate is (ie the minimum they can). However the article turns around and says you shouldn’t factor in cost of living because high cost of living in some places because the price and your choice to live there means it’s worth that amount. I don’t see how you can think workers should ignore market rate salaries but accept market rate living costs.

    If you want to reject market rate salaries, why not really aim for “fairness” and shoot for a set quality of life?

    Of course it’s all moot — any reasonably developed for-profit business is going to pay the least they can for what they want. Market rate it is.

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      Exactly. If your remote workers will work for less money, that’s because they are willing to accept the work for less money. They are accepting pay in the form of their remote lifestyle.