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    IME a netsplit is when two irc servers have a partition between them. This does not seem to address that situation but rather just when the client has a connectivity issue. Am I missing something?

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      No netsplits on server unavailability

      Traditional IRC networks split whenever a server has brief network connectivity issues to the rest of the IRC network, or whenever a server needs to be upgraded. With RobustIRC, your users will not notice when you roll out a new version or reboot the machine on which a particular RobustIRC server is running.

      Maybe the page changed, but that seems directly aimed “two irc servers having a partition between them”?

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        A brief hickup of your internet connection means your session will be terminated in traditional IRC. With RobustIRC, you will transparently be connected to a different server.

        This sounds to me like clients

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          RobustIRC handles both server and client connection interruptions. On the server side, it uses the Raft consensus algorithm to maintain consistent state in the presence of server failures and network partitions.

          On the client side, it uses the RobustSession protocol instead of a long-lived TCP connection, so that each message a client sends can go over a new connection, to a different server if necessary. This handles the case where the client’s original server goes away, as well as the case where the client’s network connection is interrupted.

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      RobustIRC uses HTTP polling instead of a streaming protocol? That’s just … ludicrous. Why not use SCTP like adults?

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        HTTP is the new TCP.

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        Does this mean I can finally get rid of ZNC?