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    Crystal has been around for some years. It’s a nice ruby-inspired language, and it’s good to see them arrive at 1.0… The road ahead seems very long still (windows support, threads, etc.).

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      I love crystal, it’s got a reasonably strong stdlib, and once it compiles I’m reasonable confident it will run for a very, very long time. Most importantly, the compiler is helpful and not pedantic. I have several cron jobs/data processors that I rarely touch which have been running for > 2 years now written in Crystal without a single issue, and most importantly whenever someone asks me to add a feature, it takes me all of 0.5s to figure out where I just borked something after adding the feature despite having not touched the code for 6+ months.

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        …once it compiles I’m reasonable confident it will run for a very, very long time.

        This is usually seen as a negative. People want their programs to be fast.


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          Hah, well done.

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          Are those jobs for work or for pleasure? If work, do you use Crystal at work frequently?

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            A bit of both, but in this case I was specifically taking about work. I wouldn’t say frequently, but if it’s something I’m going to be the sole maintainer of for the foreseeable future, it’s in the mix

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              That’s pretty cool! How did you get a pre-1.0 language approved?

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                How did you get a pre-1.0 language approved?

                That’s just not really how our company culture works, it’s less of “what can I get approved?” and more of “Am I comfortable in asking this of my teammates?”.

                I also think it’s a bit unfair to say pre-1.0 Crystal wasn’t production ready, maybe I’m jaded by having been in Browserland so long now, but there are many popular, production ready javascript libraries out there that I trust less than pre-1.0 Crystal to work properly between updates.

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          Congrats on the release! What a long and heroic journey it has been for these guys. This is my favorite of this recent breed of compiled languages. It feels higher level and cleaner than go or Rust, while still being very fast.

          This is a tremendous achievement for a language put together and maintained without a big corporation behind. I think that if a big company adopt it, its popularity would boom two or three orders of magnitude.

          I love this language. I have rewritten python and javascript scripts of mine when their performance starts becoming unsatisfactory. A simple almost line per line rewrite to crystal consistently yields a 4 to 20 fold speed gain.

          The once downside I can point out is that this language relies on existent C libraries. This is the the right choice for this project as it decreases the required manpower dramatically. But your compiled application wont really be standalone in the same sense as those binaries produced by go or rust.

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            Wonderful to see Crystal hit 1.0. I did Advent of Code last year using Crystal and it was a lot of fun!