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Crowdsupply page here if you’re interested in picking one up: https://www.crowdsupply.com/teampocket/pocketsprite

Full disclosure: I am not involved with this project nor do I have any financial stake in it; though I am incredibly excited by it and I have personally backed it.


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    It looks cute, but I can’t imagine playing games with that. I can feel my hands getting cramped just looking at that demo video.

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      I’m more worried about my fingers hurting from the tiny friction, with the PS1 I remember my fingers hurting from the D pad. I’m not sure if my eyesight will be able to appreciate all the magic either.

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        Their OLED display is native “96 x 64 px, cropped to 5:4 ratio”, so actual display area is 80x64 pixels. The Game Boy LCD resolution was 160×144. So if the picture seems blurry and cramped, it’s not just your eyesight. I’m sure it’s fine for Tetris, though.

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      Cute! My only issue with it is that the aspect ratio of the screen is not the gameboy’s 1.11:1 ratio, instead being wider. This seems to result in the top of the screen getting cut off, as seen here. Otherwise, it looks great!