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      it is not a release actually, it’s just a work-in-progress description of 6.4

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        Indeed, you are right. It is going to be released in November 1st. I’m happy to see:

        • qcow2 support for vmm and vmd.
        • Go 1.11
        • Lua 5.3.5
        • Rust 1.29.1

        It always amazes me how such a small team can keep up with changes, and manage to maintain the most consistent and coherent Unix system still in development.

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        ah .. that’s probably why the upgrade link doesn’t work yet.

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        Well, now it is a release see this e-mail to the tech@ list and this tweet, but the link can’t be resubmitted yet.

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      Released Nov 1, 2018

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      Can someone explain to me why OpenBSD still packages Emacs 21.4? I accidentally installed it once just before I lost my Internet connection and it was quite an experience – yet I don’t understand why anyone would insist on using it, let alone have it as an alternative to 26.1.

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        Probably for the same reason they still ship an old GCC: licensing. They reject all GPLv3 software.

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          But they do ship Emacs 26.1. as well?

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            Emacs on my OpenBSD system is 26.1, installed from ports.

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          As @phaer implied, I also don’t think the license is the case. OpenBSD developers avoid GPLv3 on the base system, as far as I know Emacs is part of the collection for packages ports.

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        I was also curious about it, as an Emacs user myself I don’t know what’s the benefit behind 21.4.