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    I never feel like Jeff gives boards besides the Pi their fair shake.

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      I got myself two of those. And I can relate to Jeffs findings. I see strange latency issues when writing to NVMe SSD, which are definitely caused by botched kernel.

      I think headline is on the spot. A great potential, not necessary ready for prime-time.

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        That’s largely because he’s found his niche and understands how to grind for money within that niche. He’s “The Pi Guy”.

        There’s little incentive in comparing SBCs, far more incentive to plant yourself down and write clickbait videos about how a Pi can beat out a modern M2 Mac (but only if you select for certain parameters with certain addons that are orthogonal to the Pi.)

        More power to the guy, it rakes in views and money.

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          Many boards besides the Pi are simply not equivalent. Pi is very well placed.

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          Another board using the RK3588 chipset is the Firefly ITX-3588J, which swaps the NVMe for a PCIe slot in the miniITX form factor, which I’m using for my NAS (I even contributed the patch to enable ZFS to compile on this kernel).

          I believe it was first to market by half a year, and maybe also because it is targeting Industrial usecases, but it is definitely much more expensive.

          I have been incredibly impressed by it’s performance, I’ve even been able to use it as a casuak desktop replacement while it’s hosting media servers in the background. Radxa, however, has done a much better job at building up a community than Firefly, so I hope enough momentum builds to mainline the hardware to enable proper userland support instead of using their hacked-together BSP.

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            The r6s is pretty great. You can run androidtv os, Linux, or openwrt (friendlywrt) to extend or make a new ap for your wifi with the right USB dongle.



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              Don’t understand using these for anything other than low-power or embedded scenarios, or making use of the GPIO pins. If you just want a computer in a small box they get smoked by a decade-old used i5 intel NUC or mac mini. I suppose there is some sense in which the hardware design is open source, maybe?

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