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    Beating C with 1 line of Brainfuck c performance kiwec.net
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    Last night I saw all of the “beating C with 1 line” things and thought “man someone should do it in brainfuck.”

    Delighted that someone else had the same idea!

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      This is absolutely baller.

      I love taking stuff to its esoteric final conclusion in ways like this.

      I love this.

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        I love the layout of your site. Very readable! Nice on the brainfuck as well. Next to a verilog implementation, the only thing we’re missing is that whitespace only language which name I forgot…

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          The whitespace-only language Whitespace? Written by the creator of Idris!

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            But it’s cheating as it’s a translater from Perl to whitespace.

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            This meme is getting a little old. Try replying to the original post you’re attempting to 1-up.

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              That’s exactly what the op said. And I too think that brainfuck is a nice way to end this. Especially if it’s by 0.01 seconds :)

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                Right, because this meme will end because they said this would be the last post (hint: no, I seriously doubt it)

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                Eh - I could see that argument if it was written in Rust or Go or Clojure. But I think Brainfuck makes it intrinsically interesting :)

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                We need a domain-specific language for this task. Let’s called it wc, and an empty wc program simply performs the job of wc(1).

                Making a draw with C with 0 lines of wc

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                  A single measurement using “time” is not adequate for saying one is faster than the other. Need to run multiple times and take average.