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    The diff.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Facebook or any of its subsidiaries or corporate affiliates files a lawsuit alleging patent infringement against you in the first instance, and you respond by filing a patent infringement counterclaim in that lawsuit against that party that is unrelated to the Software, the license granted hereunder will not terminate under section (i) of this paragraph due to such counterclaim.

    IANAL. Is this good enough for me to be able to stop thinking about the Patent Grant included with React?

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      Did a lawyer tell you to be worried in the first place?

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        Never said I was worried, just that I don’t want to think about it anymore. :-)

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          Yes, DannyB, open source lawyer at Google said to be worried.

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          So this makes the patent cold war even colder. Some companies might start using React now, but anyone using React will think N+1 times before filling a lawsuit against Facebook.

          I think companies like Google will still not use React because they might want to fill a lawsuit themselves, and it appears only counterclaims are exempt from termination.