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      My experience with Riot and Matrix has been so far amazing. The adding of cross-signing is a bliss, and a long awaited feature. The cross signing in Android is yet missing on the stable (real) app.

      Unfortunately, what the article fails to mention is that “RiotX Android” is the unfinished complete rewrite of the Riot Android application (stable), which makes signing unusable for those of us who use the stable app as a daily driver. My personal vendetta with RiotX started a while back, and its memory consumption is about 40% higher than that of its predecessor (I just installed and checked). Battery usage used to be significantly higher, although this might have change since I last checked. The main showstopper for me is: video/audio calls (1:1) are not implemented in this new rewrite.

      Although I tend to complain alot, I do find Riot/Matrix an amazing piece of software engineering. The cross-signing feature improves usability tenfold and makes secure communication easier for non-IT people too. I just wish I could benefit from it on all my devices.

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      I’m still a big XMPP+OMEMO fan but I feel like the writing’s on the wall for it sadly.

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        XMPP + OMEMO is great, but the problem is that many of the XMPP clients are not stable enough and do not support E2EE on by default for private conversations. XMPP clients do not use E2EE for VOIP related features either.

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          Yeah you are right.

          The problem with Riot/Matrix for me is that the mobile app absolutely kills battery life, whereas Conversations is great on that front. Again, that will likely be solved, striking another blow to XMPP.

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            Conversations is the exception, however when it’s solved there will be little purpose for XMPP.

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      Been using XMPP+OMEMO for this, thanks I’ll pass.