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    Is there a GeckoView for Linux? I imagine there would be but I’ve had no luck finding up-to-date docs on embedding gecko on desktop.

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      AFAIK the gtk widget that provided that got abandonned several years ago. If I’m not mistaken, it also provided quite a lot more, namely XUL.

      Webrender is probably might be usable for that however.

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      Asking as someone with basically no mobile dev experience but with interest in development a mobile PWA (progressive web app), how useful does GeckoView seem for that? Or does it make more sense to focus exclusively on a PWA for the foreseeable future?

      This would be an authoring app where data preservation and state preservation would be paramount.)

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        We made a PWA for one of our mobile games and then wrapped it in a native app package with Cordova (because most mobile users are used to downloading apps).

        On iOS, using the WebView was fine. On Android, it was a giant pain, as several things don’t quite work in WebViews as they do in Chrome. Not to mention the version differences. There are several bugs, annoyances, and inaccurate or incomplete docs related to Android WebView and related APIs (for example, not being able to intercept the body of POST requests). Our PWA worked seamlessly in the mobile browser, but we ended up having to make several changes to make it work in the WebView.

        Super glad to see this posted today. It might save us from further hackery.

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          Thanks! I don’t recall hearding about Cordova before and that looks helpful. Particularly grateful for the heads-up on your Android experience because that would be my primary target.

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          This is an interesting question, I’m not sure which API are exposed to JS running in a webview. Having a full fledged browser embedded in your app can be a boon for modern API that are not available otherwise. I think workers might not be available in a common webview so a PWA re-packaged as an app might have some difficult times. You would have easier life on bundling your assets in the app but all the networking would be quite different, e.g. services workers might be gone.

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            Thanks for the heads up!