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    My response to the title, and then to the article: “ooh, a breakdown of some crazy bug / architectural problem / tech debt in PostgreSQL!” then “haha, I guess we’re going to talk about the name confusion before the article starts” /article “wow, that’s it?”

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      I think this article is off-topic… it isn’t technical at all. Pronunciation? Classic bike-shedding.

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        But hey, if the biggest complaint people have about a database is not technical, it speaks volumes about how good the database itself is. :)

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          Lack of easy to use clustering is technical. Postgres clustering is far from a desired state. It is totally PITA to set up a scalable resilient postgres setup. It should be like Rabbitmq. New nodes could join a cluster. Clients could connect to any cluster member seamlessly.

          Ridiculusly low concurrent connection limits, probably because of the cost of the process per connection approach.

          This speaks about the experience/usecase the author uses it. Much like if I’d say my problem with Windows is the uggly logo, or with Linux the bimap fonts it presents menduring boot.

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          Linux won against FreeBSD because it had a cooler sounding name.

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            You’re forgetting The Lawsuit…

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              I landed with Linux in the mid 90s because it was easier to install (and I could use the same partition as DOS, so I didn’t need to repartition to try it out).

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              This was my exact reaction timeline as well …

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              A long, long time ago, I had a boss who would say “This Linux thing will never catch on because no one knows how to pronounce it. LIE-nux, LEE-nooks… DEEB-ian, deb-EE-an… it’s doomed.”

              He may have been right for the desktop… (-:

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                I consistently say “Mac Oh-Es Ex” but apparently the consensus is “Mac Oh-Es Ten”?

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                  “Tencode Ecks Beta Six”

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                    I say it Os-Es-Ex, and no has corrected me.

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                      If you walk around Apple HQ saying “oss ecks” (with the “oss” being the same sound as in “hoss” or “cross”), people get really mad at you. I’ve also been saying “eye oss” for so long I’ve forgotten it was initially a joke, and have probably weirded out a few coworkers after I switched jobs.

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                        Thank goodness they dropped it and it is plain old macOS now ;-)

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                      Not just consensus, that’s how Apple employees pronounced it in keynotes.

                      Now, I know that’s basically the “GIF argument”, but “OS Ten comes after OS Nine” actually makes sense, unlike “Jraphics Interchange Format” :)

                      (and now it’s pronounced mac-O-S anyway)

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                    If this is their biggest mistake then it’s okay.

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                      I still remember the name Postgres95 when two Berkeley students resurrected the code that up until then was using the QUEL query language.