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The Julia language is a fairly regular topic on this site.
Here are some of the stories this year that would qualify for this tag.

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    Perhaps a meta tag would solve this once for all? lang:$whatever so one could blacklist or whitelist all or some languages?

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      What’s the problem with having a thread or two a year to add a custom tag for a new language that’s gaining popularity?

      And is the extra complexity of parametrized tags worth it, with respect to both UX and implementation?

      How would you see tagging a story work out? Is it a freeform language field? Any length and character set limits? How do you deal with differing spellings of a language?

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        Tags have categories. Maybe there could be a checkbox to check/uncheck them all at once, without impacting tags-as-scope.

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          In addition to that, maybe we can also let users specify regex to match tags they want to filter?