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Please DM me to share your BSD story.


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      Roman, these were really nice to browse through. Great job on collecting all the interviews. It’s always nice to see someone working hard for the community!

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        Dear Simon, thank you for your supportive words.

        I’m just trying to make good software visible to more people. BSD deserves more users, more developers, and more attention from major vendors.

        BSD users enjoy much simpler operating systems. Fewer moving parts, well paced release cycles, better documentation, privacy protection, and many more.

        Any software developer could learn a lot from BSD projects. Not just from their source code, but how to work with legacy code, how keep long term open source projects afloat, how to keep in check ethical perspective of your programs, how to work with users and vendors.

        I hope to see more support from Google, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Mozilla, and other major vendors. Just take one example, OpenBSD projects: OpenSSH, OpenBGPD, OpenNTPD, OpenSMTPD, LibreSSL, and mandoc,.. All businesses—large and small—depend on these projects. They better support OpenBSD Foundation. Right?

        BSD is one of the corners stones of the internet and I love those cat videos too much. ;)