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    Can someone summarize what’s interesting about this board? (I’m not saying it’s uninteresting… just looking for details on why.) I gather that it’s one of relatively few “homegrown” Chinese CPUs. But I’m having a hard time finding more than that.

    For example, the post mentions power consumption is in the ~9W range. My 8th gen i7 4-core thinkpad with 2 NVMe SSDs, 32GB RAM and a 2560x1440 14” LCD chews 10-11 Watts when running a suite of laptop-y things + a VM simulating server infrastructure. My relatively untuned pinebook pro uses more like 5W when it’s busy with just laptop-y things. So I don’t think power consumption is supposed to be the interesting point here.

    Does anyone know (or have a link to) some background that would help appreciate this?

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      I looked around, but cannot find a cost for these boards. I emailed the blog post author to see if he has an idea of the cost. If he replies I’ll post here.

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        They’re pre release at the moment.