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I’ve actually started on this a couple of months ago, but never really got around to finishing anything. I got some time over the weekend and thought it’d be something fun to work on.

There’s still a lot of features missing (namely anything that requires you to be logged in) and it’s a little rough around the edges design wise, but hey, :shipit:

source: https://github.com/Mongey/pinchy-android

PS: I actually put the iOS version on hold, in favour of doing Android first (the play store is cheaper and I’ve a nexus 5.)


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    I think this looks really nice. But I’m wondering why Lobste.rs needs an app. The mobile web version looks great on it’s own. What benefit does the app have over the mobile web version?

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      Possibly being able to cache content for offline viewing? I guess opening the pages up before hand has the same effect.

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        If a guy/gal can stomach potentially “losing” some time, I always encourage folks to take a risk and build something. Just because someone doesn’t see value does not mean value doesn’t exist.

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          And I’m not saying that this has zero value. Just that I don’t see the value to me. I’m sure the value to the developer is great. Enough at least for them to keep working on it.

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          I find Alien Blue a far superior experience for browsing reddit over both the web version Reddit and the web version of Lobste.rs; the integration of things like voting and easy access to the comments beside the story itself is hugely useful, among a plethora of other

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            Anything is better than using Reddit’s mobile website. Even if you can find the “compact” version, which is well hidden. Reddit’s mobile website is inconstant, not responsive, impossible to read, and difficult to use.

            On the other hand Lobste.rs web is responisve, beautiful to read, and has it’s buttons sized to fit my finger. Reading the story and voting is easy for me. That’s why I don’t see a need for an app.

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              Really? I quite like it and it’s easily found at http://i.reddit.com/

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                I didn’t know it was there. I have had to type in {url}.compact before to find it.

                As far as layout and usability I think it’s “just OK”, but not great. I think it misses out on the sub-reddit style customizations. Which I know could slow down page load, but I think it’s worth it. They lose so much by not having the mobile version share the same custom styles as the desktop version.

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          I’m writing this message from a Lobste.rs client that I wrote for iOS. I’m currently in the final stages before I open source it. Is there any licensing issues with creating an app for Lobste.rs?

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            I’ve heard that Apple explicitly do not allow GPL applications on their App Store, but maybe someone who knows more about app dev may be able to confirm.

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            Is the code base pretty modular – could I point it at a lobste.rs clone, and it would “just work”?

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              It looks like there’s a static baseURL, and changing that should let you use a different site.

              source: lines 26-28, https://github.com/Mongey/pinchy-android/blob/master/Pinchy/src/main/java/com/pinchy/android/LobsterAPIClient.java

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                You can link to specific lines this way

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              Good work. I find the regular site to be pretty full-featured on mobile, too.

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                Nice, can’t wait for the iOS version :)

                By the way, the name sounds a lot like “pinche”, a moderate-severity expletive in Mexican Spanish. Not sure if that’s serious enough to merit changing the name.

                Other than that, pretty exciting!

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                  Thanks! The name actually came from the lobster in The Simpsons

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                    True story.

                    I graduated High School early and decided to travel Mexico at 17. My poor gringo ears heard the word “pinche” and thought that Mexicans really must like to “pinch” people.

                    I also got slapped for using the word “excitado” to ask a girl if she was excited about the football match. Unbeknownst to me, and what my english-spanish dictionary failed to mention, was that “excitado” is slang for horny. My friend later told me that with my poor broken spanish, I basically asked her if Football got her wet.

                    Ah, what a young, naive, pup I was.

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                        Heheh. To be a fly on the wall…

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                    Looks great! It would be nice to be able to login though - settings is just a blank white screen on my Samsung gs3

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                      Currently the API for Lobsters doesn’t allow anything other than stories over JSON, so things like login and voting are not yet possible via the API :/

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                      Looks clean but like many others have mentioned I just browse the mobile web version. Also, I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but the icon looks similar to Pushover’s icon.

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                        This looks interesting and I will definitely give it a try, but why is my comment in the screenshot?