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There’s no “agda” or “plt” tags, so the above will do. This is an interesting pre-print on working with safe DSLs and the like in Agda. It looks neat, but I’ll have to dive into it more later.

The abstract:

Syntaxes with binding are omnipresent in Programming Languages research but also in the more practical setting of Embedded Domain Specific Languages. The advanced features available in some languages’ type systems has made it possible to statically enforce well-scopedness. However the user still has to write a lot of boilerplate code to get common scope safe programs (e.g. renaming, substitution, CPS transformation, printing with names, etc.) and the proof that they are well-behaved.

Building on an abstract but nonetheless expressive notion of semantics and a universe of syntaxes with binding, we demonstrate how to implement these traversals once and for all by generic programming, and how to derive their properties by generic proving. All of this work has been fully formalised in Agda and is available at https://github.com/gallais/generic-syntax.