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    A useful list, in particular the point about going outside, which I’ve heard in a few places - even if you just walk around the block and come back in, it sets a tone.

    found via fcbsd in comments on a less useful post…

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      Our scumbag brains associate certain activities with the places in which we commonly do them.

      Ha! I knew I felt the need for “offices” for doing certain things.

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        I’m about 4 months into working from home full time, and I’ve found several of these to be invaluable. My productivity and focus got a big boost once I set up an office in my house; I go for either a morning walk to the corner store, or a bike ride, or something at least one a day during the work day.

        The other thing I’ve noticed that really helps is finding a way to have “normal” office chit-chat, even via IRC/Skype/etc, with my coworkers. It helps give my day an even more authentic “work day” feel.