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    I tried NuShell this week, as previously I was using Windows 7 and it wasnt compatible. I am now using Windows 10 so its an option. I am still using PowerShell as my daily driver, but Unicode support for PowerShell Readline is pretty bad. Unicode support for NuShell is excellent. However I had to stop using NuShell because it does this thing called hinting, where as soon as you press a key, it autofills the line with what it thinks you want to enter. Currently no way to disable, but a pull request has been made, so I might try to build it.

    Also, NuShell is really fast, both in startup and just general responsiveness.

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      Hinting sounds like what fish does. I’m actually not a huge fan of it from a visual noise perspective, but the rest of fish is so good I eventually learned to tune it out.

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        IMO autosuggestions are a must-have feature and you need to add it to zsh through a plugin, but ofc no harm in making it disableable.

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        I’ve been using PowerShell on non-Windows platforms since the first open source release. I don’t love it, but there are some really nice things about it.

        For someone who knows PowerShell, what would compel me to learn Nushell? PowerShell has a ton of built-in functionality, and basically anything that it can’t do natively can be done via .net through it.