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From the intro:

Long-time readers of my blog know of my love for Drobo, but the time has come to say goodbye. My old Drobos (and Iomega ix-4) are showing their age and I decided to go in a different direction: I’m building a FreeNAS server. In this article I’ll talk about my thinking behind this move; later posts will talk in more detail about the hardware and software setup.


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    Let’s wait until there’s an article actually talking about the build process.

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      He links to his first build post in the post OP posted.


      He doesn’t get to other parts of his choice though. A little light of an article.

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        Ah, good find!

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        Yes, fair enough - wasn’t sure if I should wait for all of them or start with the first one.

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        Fun little read, I always love finding out how people unintentionally get into FreeBSD :)