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This program lets you generate terminal sessions that appear to be live as you bash random keys on the keyboard.


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    I came across this tool following one of the links here on Lobsters - and thought this would be a great tool for live presentations - I won’t have to worry about typing the wrong thing when next doing a presentation.

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      What does it mean to type like a madman? If I’m giving a presentation, I want to stop and talk between some of the commands, no? I don’t want the script to get too far ahead of me, but how does a madman prevent that from happening?

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        From the description (“replays the commands in a fake terminal session as you type random characters”) it sounds like you need to type in order for it to progress. I just doesn’t care what you type. So to stop and talk, simply stop typing. :)

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          I’m guessing it waits for enter between commands, but that’s really the part that’s not clear. Perhaps obvious, but the description would imply the opposite.

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            Having played with it a bit now, keys need to be pressed until the command has been typed out and then enter activates the command. If you set a speed ie -s 4 then it will print 4 characters per character of tapping on the keyboard - but an enter is required when you get to the end of the command.

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          Looks very nice, but instead of faking it I’d rather record my terminal with asciinema and embed the recording in my slides.

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            The nice thing about faking it is that you can control in real time the precise speed at which everything happens, including the responding commands. For example, if your commands open a text file with less or view, you can then pace yourself along that file as you see fit.