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    Wait, what?! Where is uBlock Origin?

    Nice to see them promote privacy addons. At least put an emphasise on the topic.

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      They also recommend “Smart HTTPS” instead of “HTTPS Everywhere”.

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      I am mildly dismayed by the amount of active participation it takes to enhance browser privacy. I’m not suggesting that all these extensions should be baked-in to Firefox, it’s more commentary on how out-of-control privacy things have become on the web today.

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        Unfortunately, all of the browser developers (Google, Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft) have vested interest in not improving privacy by default.

        There’s just too much money to be made off the people who don’t know any better.

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        I do not like the click-baity title, but I kept it the way it was. There are some interesting extensions listed that I never heard of before.

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          It looks like there are some “interesting” extension nobody else has heard of before.

          Like that Web Security addon, which appears to send all your navigation data to their servers over plain http, using some homegrown “crypto” to obfuscate the details. According to their privacy policy, they build a profile for advertising purposes.