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An overview of illumos six years later at FLOSSUK Spring Conference 2017.


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    Personally for me (as a user of OpenSolaris) what was disappointing for me is when the project forked, it was basically the kernel with a few (at the time partially broken) build scripts. I am glad you posted this, as it now looks like OpenIndiana (among others) is fairly stable with a half decent community, when I get chance, Ill test it out on my Desktop. Since OpenSolaris/Belenix development was stopped, I moved to FreeBSD (zfs support mainly), I did check back in every now and again on the illumos community, but never really saw progress towards a stable server platform.

    Having used FreeBSD for 6 years now, I doubt I will switch back to an OpenSolaris based platform, but it will be interesting to see where the project is at.

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      never really saw progress towards a stable server platform

      SmartOS has been an extremely stable server platform for a long time