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    The struct object_id is currently defined as

    struct object_id {
        unsigned char hash[GIT_SHA1_RAWSZ];

    so it’s still exactly the same thing and this is really more a refactoring in preparation of a different hash function.

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      Which is exactly the way I would approach the problem. Refactor to a standard type, which is something which should have been done to start with, but anyhoo.

      A true refactoring. ie. Improve the internal code quality without altering it’s observable behaviour, is definitely the way to go with this problem.

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        Things will get interesting when they get to changing on-disk formats, fast export/import, pack files, etc.

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          One of the next refactorings will be to create a further type. Something like objectidsha1…. and then go around changing some of the objectid’s to objectid_sha1 to reflect the fact that they will always have to be able to import and convert old repos.

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            I wondered about that next step. Are they going to store both a SHA-1 and some new hash? Is the object_id going to be a tagged union? Multiple incompatible types like you propose?