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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      drugs 🤷 Also, LotR Return of the King will be shown in local IMAX, can’t not make it.

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        Sounds like a great weekend

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          Take it easy on the LotR. It can kill you.

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            Not sure I get the reference…?

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              It’s not a reference, it’s a joke

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      Billy Bragg is in town and I’m overdue for some unapologetic socialist folk-rock.

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        I am SO jealous. He has to play Between the Wars.

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      Celebrating the conclusion of my ride or die at work. I find out whether it’s ride or die at 1:00 and either way I’m gonna view this as a positive life event :)

      I look forward to having more time to hack on FLOSS again! And play with my Atari 8 bit / Fujinet :)

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        Damn, seems the whole tech world is shedding

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      Still working on that whole self-care thing, but this has been a decent week for it. Let’s just keep leaning into the good bits, hm?

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        have a good day!

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        Good to hear!

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      Had my first week in my new job, I’m just gonna rest :)

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        congrats . happy for you!

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        Congratulations on the new job!

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          Thank you!

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      I am moving houses before my wife gives to a brand new daughter :)) (hopefully by the end of the month).

      If I have a some free time for myself, I will be documenting myself on a topic I plan to write an article about.

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        Congrats to all three of you and hopefully an uneventful birth.

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        good luck with everything. Happy to hear that!

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      Its Thanksigivng weekend (the real one) and I will be spending time with my wife and baby and hopefully able to get some of my personal site worked on in the downtime.

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        It is too!

        Happy Thanksgiving, eh!

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      When I was a kid I used to play this DOS game called Sopwith. You were a little CGA plane; you flew around and dropped bombs and sometimes you fought another plane.

      Last weekend I played a game called Luftrausers, which is sort of a bullet-hell score attack thing, but it’s also a 2D side-scrolling plane game. It was fun for a little while, but I couldn’t help but think of Sopwith, and I missed the satisfaction of dropping a well-aimed bomb. (In Luftrausers you can only shoot directly forward, despite the fact that you’re fighting targets that are imminently bombable.)

      It brought a sort of nostalgia trip and I longed for a game that was sort of a hybrid of the two. I want to play a “modern Sopwith,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Does that exist? I started making one and will probably continue working on it this weekend unless someone points me at something that will scratch this itch.

      It was fun to play with the “physics” of it. The plane generates lift based on its velocity, and the faster you’re going, the less sharply you can pitch. By subtly tweaking thrust, drag, lift, and pitch rate, you wind up with very different feeling planes. Little demo here (mp4, 18mb.) There’s no game yet, but it’s fun to fly around a little world you made. It’s very peaceful. At the moment.

      Also! I optical illusioned myself. I was very surprised to see that the fog appears to be stronger near the base of mountains, and tapers off as the elevation increases. I was very surprised because I didn’t code it that way. And in fact it doesn’t: it’s just an illusion. There’s no variation in mountain color over the Y axis, but I still perceive a variation because the tops have a higher contrast against the sky. Neat, right?

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        I still think the optical illusion is caused by dithering. Surely the fog disappears if you stop dithering the mountains… right? I’m very unsure. I’m not an optical illusion expert.

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          If anything I think the effect is more apparent without dithering: https://ianthehenry.com/drops/undithered.png

          Taking out the sky gradient greatly reduces the effect for the most distant mountain, but I still see it for the other two: https://ianthehenry.com/drops/flat-sky.png

          I think my brain is just seeing what it expects to see.

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      Looking at apartments to rent as I’m going to move out of my current place. It’s been really stressful, and state agents are usually very pushy.

      I wish I can get this solved soon so I can get back to doing some reading and writing without having that pressure in the back of my mind.

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      Writing a 32-bit binary to decimal converter in 6502 assembly. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, there is little prior art on this specific task.

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        You might find this BYTE magazine article (PDF) helpful—it’s an article about calculating e to 116,000 decimal places on the Apple ][, and printing the results out.

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          I did find it very interesting! But … the BASIC portion is doing the actual conversion and printing :P

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            Look closer—listing 3 does the conversion and is in assembly. Listing 4 is in BASIC. It loads the code from listing 3 in line 10, then defines the entry points into it on line 20, and finally calls it (in a loop) in line 200.

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              After reading it closely I see what you mean, but I don’t think it will help me. I don’t think I’m handling the quantities the way he is.

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      Finally conjured some motivation to resume work on Password Store so I’ll be implementing a passphrase cache for PGP keys for parity with what OpenKeychain used to offer.

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      Helping a friend lay concrete for his new shed base, moving a half tonne bag of rubble off my drive, packing for a week away in Greece (⛵️) and then flying to Greece. Last week sailing in Greece this year, not sure how much sailing we’ll get done but taking a friend out for the first time and suspect we’ll get some exploring, swimming and reading done between us.

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      Trying for the third time in as many weekends to get Pihole+Unbound to play nice in a Docker container on my home server. After struggling for two weeks with just Docker+networking issues, I realized a major issue is that my VPN blackholes DNS traffic to prevent leaks. So now the game is figuring out the right configuration to add exceptions for local DNS to the VPN configuration, which seems non trivial due to the involvement of Docker networks…

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      Hopefully not having a PG upgrade blow up in my face, and picking at bats test suites for two shell libraries that I want to refactor, document, and release :)

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      I’m thinking of moving my GITEA server to singularity currently known as apptainer. I am also going to continue to tend to my vegan cheddar which is happily fermenting in my temperature controlled cheesecave.

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      Will experiment with self-hosting. On the work front, some new cloud services to learn and automate.

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      I’m taking a small trip with the parents for some walking/talking/catching up. Also visiting the opening of a friends new office and joining a NERF fight later on Sunday. I’ve also stepped up my interest in law, so I’ll be catching up on a course that I joined late.

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      Thanksgiving with the family on Sunday. Other than that I plan to squeeze in some time playing Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the first time :)

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      Might found a religion. Might do SuperHappyDevHouse.

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      Thinking to build an open source CMS for static site generator that hosted on Github using Github API. I tried using headless CMS, and feel so complicated to use it. So decide to make one. Not coding yet. just keep digging my ideas to make it super simple and useful at least for me.

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      Saturday morning, I’m going to chaperone a friend’s child to a mountain bike race. My friend had undergone surgery and the recovery isn’t going as well as he’d hoped, so he’ll have to sit this ride out. Even though it’s not my kid, I’m excited to go. I’m just 33 miles shy of my goal of 1000 miles biked this year, so hopefully I’ll close that gap a little further tomorrow. :-)

      I’ve got a few hours of work to make up, so I plan to make up those hours.

      For HardenedBSD, I’m going to start investigating what we need to implement the mremap syscall. I also need to figure out a way to remain syscall-compatible with FreeBSD while still adding new syscall (or syscall-like) functionality. I want HardenedBSD to always be able to run unmodified FreeBSD binaries, which would mean maintaining syscall compat.

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      gophercon 😎

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      Spending some time working on Tvix (Rust Nix reimplementation), but no particularly big topics for this weekend. I’m interested in doing some early exploration of i18n (there are plenty of developers in e.g. Chinese or Russian locales that don’t speak English well!) for things like error messages and the CLI, and a few other topics like that.

      Apart from that, studying a bit for ground school for a private pilot’s license. I’m taking that very slowly, but I’m seriously considering the implications of pivoting careers towards aviation and just relegating computers to a hobby.

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      No longer employed at The Enterprise [1] and starting a multi-month long vacation from work (I won’t start looking until early next year—I’m fortunate enough to have that ability).

      [1] No need to name the company.

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      I’m going to reach 100% code coverage for my expression language in Go https://github.com/antonmedv/expr

      Also, going to add sound nil safe system.

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      going to finish my implementation of HTTP with rust that I didn’t finish last weekend

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      Cooking food at a friend’s birthday feast

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      Gonna blow through all my credits on https://dreamlike.art/

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      Re-written a Rust program to Go and got 5x performance boost. Because I was so bad at Rust.

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        What’s the program?

        1. 2

          Not sure about the root cause, might be misuse of async codes and inefficient vec structures. The original Rust code was mainly written by an employee who has left and I had to take over the code. Anyway given the scale of our (not so big) data volume, using the most familiar language truely helped this time.

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      Reading up on projections of higher dimensions to lower, to make progress on my VR project.

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      First weekend in a while that I don’t have social engagements, so I’m resting, reading, getting chores done and going for a long bike ride.