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    Hi! Author here, happy to take any questions.

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      I actually found this a while back from an /r/emacs post I think. Never used roam so more wondering good ways to integrate this in with my org crack addiction.

      Also the dot graph looks…. like it could get unwieldy.

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        Org-roam plays nice with vanilla Org. That is, it should work with your current org files, if they link to each other using regular Org file links. If your files are all located in a directory and link to one another, and don’t mind giving it a try, half-an-hour of playing around should give you a good idea of what it’ll help with.

        Graphing capabilities got a bit of an upgrade to handle that mess. It now also produces graph for connected components with a settable maximum distance, so that’s a bit more consumable. There’s also a bit of discussion on integrating graph metrics, but that’s still in the ideation phase: https://org-roam.discourse.group/c/dev/graph/8