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Pretty insightful piece of writing, I thought.


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    Great work on WireGuard, Jason (@zx2c4)! Great to see you get an award for it, too! :)

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      I feel compelled to share that this is one of the most elegantly-written pieces I’ve seen posted here. I really enjoy these philosophical posts.

      This section, in particular, struck a chord:

      Any potential addition to the codebase as a whole confers a particular anxiety, as each addition threatens to disturb the aesthetic harmony. In considering features and additions to a particular codebase, it is possible to apply this principle to the whole of the system in which that codebase will live, to ask what is the ideal harmonization of all constituent parts. It therefore becomes the job of the programmer to balance the aesthetic motivation, on one hand, with the utilitarian and technologically contingent nature of the activity, on the other.

      I feel this anxiety frequently. The classic C.A.R. Hoare quote comes to mind: “Inside every large program, there is a small program trying to get out.”