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    When people really set out to use their computer, a whole new way of living starts to emerge. Most people don’t really leverage their computer, instead treating it as a funny shaped paintbrush with a mathematical palette, that winds up running database reports and views upon them.

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      I’m a little hesitant to post this because the scripts they posted look kinda amateur-ish (like saying SSHing into the coffee machine but the ruby script uses telnet) but it’s an interesting story none-the-less.

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        It seems those scripts were written after the fact based on the descriptions, not the original scripts themselves.

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        The misogynistic and angry script names really ruin this for me. Must a hacker be an agro bitch smacker? :-(

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          One whose way of apology to the love of his life includes running a random number generator is suspect regardless of how he names his scripts.

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              I know where it comes from, but this guy is obviously referring to his wife, so the whole “it’s slang for doing something very intensely” argument doesn’t apply.