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      Is anyone here using nim for something serious in production? It looks really nice and I am surprised is not more popular.

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        How about the Nim Forum? The source code is at nim-lang/nim-forum on github.

        This really shows off the capabilities of the language: both the backend and frontend are written in Nim. The frontend is Nim compiled down to a JavaScript SPA.

        I’m the kind of person who is sensitive to latency; I dislike most JS-heavy browser-based things. The Nim Forum is as responsive as a JS-free / minimal JS site.

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        Not sure what counts as “serious in production”, but I’ve been running a kernel-syslogd on four or so machines ever since I wrote kslog. I also have several dozen command-line utilities including replacements for ls and procps as well as a unified diff highlighter. The Status IM Ethereum project has also been investing heavily in Nim.

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        I’ve been working on a key-value data store; it’s a wrapper around the C library libmdbx (an extension of LMDB), but with an idiomatic Nim API, and I’m working on higher level features like indexes.