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    As one of the founders of Intoli, I just wanted to give a big thanks to Lewis Van Winkle—both for providing F5Bot as a free service to the community, and for writing this extremely interesting guest post about how it works. We use F5Bot to get email notifications when people post links to our articles or open source projects, and it’s awesome how quickly and reliably it’s able to find things.

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      I’m glad someone is doing this for free. A lot of people have done this before but they are all trying to sell paid plans to brand management people. I have wanted something to search for posts about the open source software I like.

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      There’s one interesting service called https://littlebirdie.io/ it’s also doing a similar thing as f5bot, but live and to slack. We created this for our internal team to scan the internet for mentions.

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        I wonder how much wasted bandwidth and cpu could have been saved by using for example protobuf.

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          Or at least msgpack - it’s pretty much a drop-in for JSON

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          This is awesome! Signed up. Are you planning on open sourcing it? I’m sure I would self host something like this.

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            Thanks! I’d love to open-source it. However, I can’t justify the time commitment it would take yet. I’ve open-sourced many smaller projects, and I always feel compelled to answer every email I get. I wish I could post it and then just ignore it, but I really can’t.

            I did make a deal with myself a long time ago. If I can get enough supporters on Patreon, I will open-source it. The code is already pretty cleaned-up and ready to go. It’s pure PHP, no dependencies. No frameworks or anything.

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              Post code with no email address to contact you? ;)

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                I actually did that with one project. People find a way.

                Anyway, my name is all over this by now.

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                Sweet project, man! I’ve already set it up to email me whenever my name is mentioned on reddit. I’m just a poor student so I can’t justify a patreon (or I could, if it were just 1 project, but there are so many projects I’d love to support) so I’ll have to content myself with just saying thanks, it’s a great idea and a great post explaining it.

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                  I’m glad you like it! I put it online in the hope that others would find it useful, so I appreciate your comment!