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    Full OpenBSD Startup described on slide 48 openbsd openbsdjumpstart.org
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        Thank you! That site is pretty hard to get through. So much animation/transition. It was disorienting.

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          Thanks! You can give your feedback here: https://twitter.com/wesley974/status/1411268862184759300?s=20

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      I’ve flagged this for being a broken link, as exists.

      I’ve suggested the title be “OpenBSD Jumpstart”.

      I’ve submitted the actual startup PDF.

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        OpenBSD Jumpstart

        I think “boot process” might be better than “jumpstart” or “startup”. As it is, I opened this link expecting to read about the infrastructure of a startup company running fully on OpenBSD.

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          +1 I will correct that asap.

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      I love this. OpenBSD is the epitome of security through simplicity and transparency, and this single-page startup description is exemplary of that fact. If only it were more widely supported on the desktop.

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        If only it were more widely supported on the desktop.

        There are amazing people ready to help you get OpenBSD running over at misc(a)openbsd.org. I was able to run OpenBSD on everything I threw it at.

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