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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!


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    Basically nothing, my last day will be Friday. Pretty much just sitting around waiting for people to realize they have questions that only I can answer, interspersed with as much documenting things that I’ve touched as possible. Other than that trying to fill my time with reading rust things for fun.


    Very slowly working on adding features to a side-project I’ve been toying with for a few months. It’s basically a web service written in rust, using the iron framework. When I get stuck on that I move over to working on a rust implementation of the Constrained Application protocol that I’m calling tokio-coap.

    Although I’m going pretty slowly with all my projects because I’m kinda burnt out, so I only work on it when I feel like it.

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      Started building a bike shed from scratch at the weekend, so going to be finishing that off this week. (Timelapse of building the frame).

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        What color is it going to be? :)

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          Blackboard paint, so whatever my kids colour it in as. Simples. ?

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            You probably already knew this and ignored me, but it was a poor attempt at a joke http://bikeshed.com

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        Taming mesos and trying to get marathon’s persistent volumes to work. Wrapping up on loose ends to land a major feature.

        Also I finally started using Perl 6 in production a year after writing my Kafka client library PKafka. Hopefully it will help me improve my library and see if Perl 6 is ready for prime time. Relavent discussion on hacker news


        Write 2 blog posts this week. One about refactoring, another about something I call “Nonlinear Programming”

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          work on void, a terminal-based personal organizer written in rust, is starting to slow down as it nears feature completion, and now it’s mostly just about hunting things that will snag early users.

          just whipped up an initial rust API prototype of acid-state, and may spend some time this week throwing together a persistent bw tree to give it actual atomicity with multiple objects.

          generally diving into activism, turning down job offers that don’t let me spend fridays on it, and slowly finding fault injection / distributed database / rust / erlang clients after moving back to NYC from berlin a few weeks ago. if you want me to find some outage-triggering assumptions with a system let me know :)

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            Currently on a plane flying to company headquarters for a few days of in-person time. (I’m remote.) While there I’ll participate in a 2 day hackathon by leading one of the project teams. That means I’ll have to pitch people to convince them that my idea is the one worth spending their time on.

            Also slowly getting back into writing again. Working very hard to establish good habits and routines that are harder for toddlers to derail. Currently focusing on expanding my YA horror to be full novel length instead of novella.

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              I’m thinking about updating my math expression evaluation library to allow arbitrary operators to be added at run-time (with custom precedence and associativity rules).

              I’m also considering open-sourcing some Javascript code I wrote a few years back that uses the shunting algorithm to evaluate math expressions (it powers custom formulas over at Turnkey Telemetry.)

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                Cleaning up my Projects folder.

                Trashed my experimental libclang-based syntax highlighter from 2013 because the library is clearly not intended for that task and makes it impossible to do it in a straight-forward manner.

                At least I’ve finally gotten around to testing and fixing the WebSocket backend in https://github.com/pjanouch/json-rpc-shell that I wrote almost two years ago, with the help of a similarly old daemon that I never ran before either. But hey, it almost worked.

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                  Doing a little more on MicroPython for ESP32, just trying to implement some new features and keep the project ticking along.

                  I’ve started a Melbourne MicroPython Meetup as well, so if it sounds interesting and you’re based around here feel free to sign up!

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                    Trying to figure out if I’m working on a Kubernetes or Serverless ebook series next. Some pros and cons for each. A lot of nay-sayers on serverless still, but then again, containers in general have their haters too, and that’s my bread and butter.

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                      Speaking from a workplace that uses both of these technologies, I think a Serverless resource with best practices around deployment, monitoring, and organization would be hugely helpful. I like the idea but the tooling around it all seems so bad that I’m hesitant to use it for even the most straightforward tasks.

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                        Thanks for the response. I do think a serverless resource would be helpful, and it’s fairly early-mover territory in our mind. A lot of what I would be doing is market level, but gets down eventually into deployment practices and such. Admittedly, we have to fund these ventures too, and right now our ties to Kubernetes-based sponsors is probably a lot stronger. Either way, both would be in the pipeline.

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                      1 Learning about Jupyter (nee IPython) and the whole Python/Scala ecosystem around Apache Spark

                      2 Procrastinating setting up gitea or gogs + drone for automating code quality tools and adding to the dev workflow

                      3 Gearing up for a new project this week scaling up a bioinformatics process

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                        Work: finishing up a long-running feature and entering testing. Pretty excited to be done.

                        OSS: got watchexec 1.7.0 out the door recently. Polishing a few things and looking to working on 2.0, with support for multiple workflows via a config file.

                        Music: working on tracking all the guitar parts to Supermassive Black Hole live with my new audio interface. One unfortunate thing I’ve found is it is so sensitive it picks up fret buzz very slightly now :(

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                          I’m hopefully going to get back to work on sokoduino, my arduino project to build a device I can play sokoban on my TV with.

                          I’ll also write about my experience extracting colorForth’s font for a t-shirt project, and maybe do some research as to why the font is stored the way it is.

                          As far as work is concerned, I’m making some tweaks to our auto scaler, and working on an agent for gathering metrics, to be used inside Heroku dynos. A busy week by all accounts.

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                            Heading to Edinburgh to work with our team there. Objectives include a better understanding of operational readiness in relation to minimal viable on call knowledge. GitLab CI flows to be spread to other teams. Also, humanize myself.

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                              @Work For the last few weeks and the next few weeks, I am a trainer for new developers (via a closely supervised “real project”, plus several lecture sessions, code dojos, etc) for my company’s Pune office (I normally work out of San Francisco). It is exhausting and I don’t get to write much code, but I am 100% sure that I’m improving the outcomes for my company and these new hires, and I am dramatically improving my consulting, teamwork, and presentation skills. Tech stack: java 8, spring, plain javascript, gradle, gocd.

                              !@Work Exploring a new city, and slowly working on a git commit hook that can detect high-entropy variables in staged files to prevent accidental pushing of passwords or keys.

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                                Cleaning up issues from my old repos and pull request. Now I’m working on FFI for Elm in order to both support server-side Elm better and bindings for elm-fuse intended to join Fuse with Elm.