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    It was only in the past year or so that I found out that Graham Nelson and Emily Short are married. I mean, I’m not surprised, but that is a major Power Couple in the field of interactive fiction.

    If you haven’t played any of their works, you should. They’re great. (And, yes, as TFA says, Curses is hard.)

    If you’re looking for an introduction to IF/text adventures, Violet is a very well-done single-room mystery that isn’t too difficult and can be completed in an hour or two.

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      I played Curses back in the day, and enjoyed it but couldn’t get very far into it. I’m not very good at solving text-adventure puzzles; I only ever completed a few Infocom games, like The Lurking Horror.

      By the way, Inform 7 is a really interesting language & runtime — a complete departure syntactically, that brings in literate programming, an English-like syntax, and a goal-solving engine that’s a really elegant way to describe the world.

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        Inform 7 is truly beautiful.

        I’ve been waiting for years for the source release. Supposedly it was going to finally happen in 2020, but last I heard it hasn’t. I still hold out hope, though.

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      Loved Curses. I think I completed it once, with a couple of hints.

      Randomly I was in the pub last night sat next to a table of blokes complaining about Graham Nelson. Thought about interjecting but decided to leave them to it :)

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        blokes complaining about Graham Nelson.

        Inform 7 isn’t that bad, it’s just a radical departure

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          They weren’t complaining about 7 itself (which is an interesting approach to PL design) but rather the lateness of the promised open source Inform 8 & the inabiity to fix bugs in 7.

          Graham has kept core Inform development very close to his chest & has the lone programmer ‘my project must be perfect before I can possibilty let anyone else see it!’ problem I think.

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            I’m surprised that there is actually groups of people that actually talk about any dev groups at all.. Other than Linus or Theo, the rest are kind of invisible to the world at large

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              I presume there’s a small but active indie game dev subculture here, since I find myself sat near people talking about their games in the pub occasionally.

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                Obviously I go to the wrong places.