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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    Hopefully my keyboard will be delivered today. Then I’m gonna do keyboard stuff with it including flashing it with a giant bundle of C. That and writing about it. I plan to write up first impressions with a bunch of glory shots.

    I’m also working more on wasmcloud. I want to get a minimum viable product out the door in the next two weeks and I’m looking at using Rust+Rocket for the main API, Elm for the user-facing panel, Rust for the command line tool to manage/test functions locally and building the executor component on top of pa’i. I’m still working out the core on how I plan to implement everything, but my notebook has been getting a lot of love with design notes. Once I get the basic implementation hammered out, I may be able to proceed to the “buying domains” phase of the project, which is one of my favorite parts. :D

    Also I’m relaxing too!

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      I’ve finally finished working on my essays for a philosophy course I took, so I’ll have a shame-free week of programming ahead, hopefully finishing:

      • A little survey server, that should generate HTML and mail forms
      • A custom configuration DSL for Emacs, that’s inspired by Common Lisp’s iterate

      And I hope to continue reading The Art of Prolog.

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        Is it a remote course, and if it is, is it good?

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          It’s a regular university course, but becaue of Corona, everything is remote, so yes, I guess?

          And it was fine, but not easy. We were reading Kant’s “Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals”, in German, and that’s not something you can just skim over.

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        Mostly doctor’s appointments and doing regular work.

        This weekend I built out a simplistic bible viewer at https://bible.junglecoder.com, which I plan to use for daily devotional time. I also updated my financial tracker with support for tracking accounts and allocating funds in various accounts. I plan on using that for tracking my savings account, and allocating money back for various things atop the generic “savings fund”.

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          Apart from typical work week, I’m “Dockerizing” apps running on my AWS instance. Someone suggested to try Portainer for managing multiple docker images, gonna roll with it.

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            Planning a remote offsite (“no-site”) for my team at work. We’ve got a lot to talk about (multiple major releases, team growth/changes, EOY planning) but I’m trying to fit in enough casual + cooperative time to make it not terrible.

            On that point: favorite remote games for groups of 4-14 appreciated. ;)

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              We’ve played the Jack Box games remotely and found them to be a lot of fun. Also, Among Us is a fun team building game that’s a bit more fun since it involves one or more people acting as spies (works best when you have more than 5 players).

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              Application support.

              I’m reading TLPI and and porting some apps to IPv6.

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                Still trying to formalize Polti’s 36 dramatic situations into a double pushout graph grammar. Learned a bit about semantic frame references, theta roles, and thematic relations to try to lay a foundation before modeling.

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                  For fun:

                  • Continuing to study “Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach”
                  • Enabling paging for the entry code for the xv6 Rust port my friend and I seem to start and never finish. I’m finally doubling down on this. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to time block this out on my calendar… no excuses 😃
                  • Enjoying my annual re-read of The Hobbit.
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                    I’m learning how to write PHP bindings of C++ libraries for ${DAYJOB}. For HardenedBSD, I’m working on filing state taxes that I missed earlier this year due to craziness in ${LIFE}.

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                      Crunch time at work. Bleh. This project has been something of a cluster from the start IMO, though I’m also biased.

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                        Wrapping up various odds and ends, as this will be my last week at Code Yellow. Next week I’ll start at Bevuta! I’m happy and sad at the same time, after 7 years of working with my colleagues at Code Yellow I almost feel like I’m part of the furniture ;)

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                          Really enjoyed working those 7 years with you, and I will definitely come visit you at Bevuta!

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                          Finishing my telegram bot to notify me about HN comments. I thought it would take about two days of work, but turns out that checking if something’s changed in a static rest api is a bit tricky: you have to figure out how often do you have to check different things to be reasonable. Still, it feels good to have a hobby project you can finish pretty fast.

                          At my job, I’m done with design document for a feature our clients have been waiting for, and about to start implementing it. I’m very glad to have made decision to document things beforehand, and excited to begin building, but nervous about quality; I’ve had to introduce unit testing into the project for the previous one, and might need to build e2e testing for this one, as it’s much bigger and complex. To be honest, I’m just lazy to test stuff manually, but it’s the kind of laziness that pushes me towards better things.

                          And it looks like I’m back at lobsters after a year long break, which is nice, too.

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                            I’m working against the HN API but in a very “dumb” read-only pull request way. My understanding is that if you’re comfy with async protocols it can be much more “active”.

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                              You mean their streaming apis?

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                            At work we’re getting close enough to releasing ██████████████████ that it feels like a real thing. It has been my only focus for more than a year so it’s a really good feeling. Right now I’m basically doing nothing but writing docs, guides, and examples.

                            At home I finally sold my old 3D printer and reclaimed the space it was taking up. I finished the base of my customized lack enclosure for my new printer this morning which means I finally have a little more desk space back. This week I’m going to work on making the top enclosure structure. I want to so it a bit different than the standard design to get a bit more height and make it look a bit more minimalist.

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                              The same as I do every week - act as head cook, bottle washer and firefighter on our developer relations team. I now have a minion team-mate to assist though so that’s a relief.

                              The funnest thing will be continuing to work on my metrics scraper - basically scraping data from GitHub, PyPi, Docker, etc to calculate rough install and activity numbers for our project, and display it all in a pretty web-based front-end. Just moved from using Python dicts to Pandas dataframes and it’s soooo much nicer!

                              I’d share the code but it’s all internal for now. Fingers crossed we’ll open it up soon (it’s always ironic how many tools I see for measuring “success” of open source projects, yet they don’t release their own source code)

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                                This week I’m finally off Pager Duty, so I can sleep at 3AM without having to worry about my phone ringing at ungodly hours–or worse, waking up every half hour throughout the night to make sure I didn’t miss a PD call.

                                I’ve been working on the code for my own company the last 2 years, getting as much done solo until I need to bring in others. So more of that.

                                I have an API platform that I have to convert to async, which is apparently a lot hard than I thought.

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                                  Super busy at work these days, but I started working on my own debugger (because I’m sort of sick of using gdb). Hopefully will have some time to work on it.