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      I used to use <input type="image"> to display fancy submit buttons, not realizing they did anything else. Then one day I noticed an x=12&y=34 thing on the submission… and then i realized what that meant - it was a form submit of the click coordinates! The form-based equivalent to the link-based ismap discussed in the link.

      I rarely see this mentioned even on sites trying to describe the image type specifically. It is a cute little feature, though of course, like the link says it isn’t ideal for most of… anything.

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        That’s really neat! I did not know about that.

        I could have used that to allow a color selector in that canvas demo app.

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      They are also how retrocomputing enthusiasts can browse the modern internet with ancient browsers:


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        That is one of the most delightful, elegant, work-around-constraints-imposed-by-reality, hacks I’ve ever seen.

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      The ISMAP attribute allowed prehistoric web developers to convert images to a “server-side image map”.

      Sigh. Perhaps I’m just yelling at the kids to get off my lawn, but I really wish people in this industry would stop with the “prehistoric” or “ancient” moniker for things that are older than 1 year.