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    A little brief, but this is actually really interesting ‘cause it’s about how servers/CDN’s and browsers work together to express the priorities of their requests, and how HTTP/2 changes that.

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      Speed up mobile page loads, specifically mobile-device “m-dot” redirects.

      Since this is mentioned - does anyone know why does Wikimedia do this redirect? If they know they should be doing a mobile view, why not handle it right there, without a redirect? It’s one of the very few pages that does something silly like that and I have to make sure to delete the m-dot if I’m sharing the links to other people, in case they’re on desktop.

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        https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T214998 has a lot of detail on this. It’s mostly a legacy artifact of the mobile site being a side thing and now lack of resourcing to move onto the main domain.

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          Historical background:

          Hampton Catlin (the Sass guy) is my friend from college. When the iPhone came out, he wanted to make a Wikipedia app, but he was a Rails developer not an ObjC guy. So, he made thin shell app around a WebView that called into his proxy sever, which did a dynamic rewrite to Wikipedia to be more mobile friendly. This was such a success that he sold it to Wikipedia themselves as m.wikipedia. I’m sure it’s evolved some since then, but that’s how it started and AFAIK still largely works.