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    If you want a quick look into the painful world of web standards development then read through the entire conversation. It’s easy to swoop in with a neat idea that gets a lot of likes, but then the considerations start rolling in and your dreams get crushed. This doesn’t mean that either the dreamers or the dream-crushers are wrong; just that the process is much more ruthless than the process of adding a function to a JS framework.

    I get the sense that the automatic conversion of headings to specific headings would have a better time as a preprocessor than something built into the web (like so many ideas for CSS).

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      Jon Neal, the guy who is pushing this, is the guy behind a lot of technologies and techniques used on the web today: html5shiv, polyfill, etc.

      He just spoke to the Code & Supply crowd on Monday evening. It was recorded: Creating Web Standards, NextCSS, HTML hfill header tag.

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        :3 it was a fantastic talk