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A search reveals 96 hits for risc-v, 25 for lowrisc, 16 for riscv, and 1 for sodor (obviously with a overlap, but still significant), so would it be out of line to suggest a risc-v tag?


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    We don’t have tags for x86, x64, mips, arm, sparc, blackfin, or any other architectures that actually exist in large numbers.

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      Exactly. Hardware is sufficient. Especially since most RISC-V projects are vaporware in terms of hardware one can buy. It’s not like people are missing a lot of opportunities.

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        My personal argument here would be that risc-v is unique in that it is a real royalty-free open standard, where those other architectures given as examples are all either fully proprietary or not both open and royalty free, with the notable exception of sparc. I do, however, understand the counterargument presented here.

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          I’m not sure royalty free has any bearing on it being specifically unique in its feature set that articles about it will be so different from other architecture articles.

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        I doubt anyone who’s interested in hardware would be uninterested in risc-v or vice versa.

        (I can’t find the page with the graph of existing tags any more - where has that gone?)

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          The link is kinda hidden on the about page. Just in case: https://lobste.rs/tags