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A critique of the current debate about copyright law in Europe. The talk starts at 2:30.

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      To put Pavel Svoboda’s speech to a context, he started his career as an IP lawyer for a collective rights administrator OSA. Then he worked as a chief lawyer for Supraphon, an audio distributor.

      He is a member of quite conservative Christian Democratic Union and was in the government of Mirek Topolánek from the Civic Democratic Party. The same party Václav Klaus founded to implement his radical neoliberal vision.

      As a Czech, I deeply apologize for his involvement in the matter. He should have been retired a long time ago. Sadly, the neoliberal ideology is still going very strong and our Pirate party has not yet entered the lower chamber of the Parliament. Maybe in September…

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        We hereby present to you the revolving door of the European Commission…

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      Also worth watching from the same summit: Joe McNamee of EDRi

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        wow, she is great!

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          Indeed :) She is also a semi-regular speaker at CCC: https://media.ccc.de/search/?q=julia+reda