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    Firefox should be able to update itself without any third-party Updater app, if you take the APKs directly from mozilla.org

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      MicroG has done so much to help with the plague that is the proprietary GOOG API set, but we really need twice as many things on FDroid. Better yet, we need an FDroid bounty program. I maintain one app on there, and deployment really is zero work after the initial setup.

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        I’m very impressed with how much F-Droid has improved lately. The new skin looks amazing. It’s easy to search, or browse by category. And it can finally update all my apps in one go, without having to select one after another.

        What I prize most of all is how relaxing it is to get apps from F-Droid. Most apps there seem to have been created to scratch an itch of the author’s. They have a purpose, and they usually fulfill it. There’s no tacked-on ad framework or annoying push notifications.

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        DIdn’t know about Yalp store, that’s handy. I run LineageOS on my phone, but did install google services and the play store because I wanted a few apps that require it. Maybe yalp is a way around the problem.

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          LineageOS for microG (and yalp) seem to be a nice way around, indeed. There’s also this list of awesome FOSS apps on GitHub, as well as https://fossdroid.com.

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          Now if only it was possible to have a phone with open source firmware as well.

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            I was expecting the article to be related with something like Purism, but according to their page, it’s still under development…

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              Fascinating article. Thanks for posting this. It’s inspired me to do the same.

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                The AOSP keyboard has both “Gesture Typing” and Emoji Support, I don’t think AnySoftKeyboard was necessary here.

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                  I’m pretty sure gesture typing requires a proprietary library. I have LineageOS 14.1 without Google apps, there’s no gesture typing.

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                    I’m not entirely sure, but I had to explicitly enable it in the keyboard settings.

                    It also seems that my keyboard is called “AOSP Keyboard” but idk how much that means.

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                      Yeah, AOSP Keyboard, but if you have gapps installed, it will load a proprietary shared library that implements gesture typing.

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                  I’ve had a gapps less cyanogenmod set up on myold nexus for over 1½ years (and am waiting for a stable ROM for my current device), and it’s interesting to see that people pretty much eventually end up with the same solutions. I’d just add that if you’re euthusiastic about free software, one should use IceWeasel and if one wants a good FOSS twitter/mastodon experience, I can only recommend Twidere.

                  Also, why use AnySoft if you can use the AOSP one. I’m currently struggling with the counter-intuitive nature of AnySoft, but can’t find a AOSP .apk :(

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                    IceWeasel? You mean the rebranded Firefox for Debian of yesteryear? It no longer exists.

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                      It still does on Parabola.

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                        @zge most likely meant IceCat - IceWeasel’s new name. IceCatMobile to be precise.

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                          Yeah, my bad. I always mix those two up.

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                      I’m currently doing something similar using a Motorola G5s Plus and LineageOS Oreo. Having come from an iPhone 6 the thing I find most incredible is how amazingly fast everything is. There are bugs, and quirks, but to be fair I’m running something far from default, or indeed support.

                      If I had a do-over I’d choose a different phone. This phone is good, but things like the dual camera aren’t supported, so I can only use one camera, and there are various other quirks that make compiling your own firmware somewhat of a PITA. I’ve resigned myself to being stuck with the moto for a year (as it’s about a third of the cost of my iPhone 6 when I bought it), and then I’ll look at what’s on the market, maybe choose something more long-term.

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                        I see that the author has:

                        been living with this setup for a few months

                        I’d be more interested to know what he thinks of his setup after 2 years or so. I used to hack and flash custom ROMs on my phones, and I gave it up because the stability loss is just too much. When an auto-update comes in and soft-bricks your phone while you’re out of town and you need to cobble together a decent setup to get up and running again, you lose a lot of enthusiasm.

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                          Auto updates are always terrifying