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    I just switched back to Fastmail for my main mail needs (I was using GMail as an experiment for a while). I love Fastmail, and blog posts like this one are just more evidence that I’m spending my mail hosting dollars correctly.

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      I wonder how the performance compares with a non-CRC hash algorithm like xxhash for instance? Why use CRC if other, faster alternatives are available?

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        Legacy I guess. Cyrus is on CRC32 because that’s what it’s always used. As for switching to xxhash, here’s a copy-pasta from the same HN question:

        Pretty much this. From the post:
        "Because it produces different results, it would render all our stored
         checksums invalid, so we'd have to recalculate them all. That's a big job,
         so we'd need to do a lot of testing first to make sure that it's so much better
         that it's actually worth the effort."