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Good post on TCP tuning on Linux.


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    It’s always interesting to see the nitty-gritty stuff related to TCP. On a whole, TCP is a strange protocol. It is built to mitigate unreliable connections, but also assumes a rather reliable connection. I’d love to see an article from somebody knowledgeable about tuning TCP for unreliable connections. For instance, the ones we face often when we share a wifi network with dozens of people at a coffee shop, etc.

    The thing that gets you there is that thing this article can ignore: the window scaling wrt the congestion window. Namely, it’s the algorithm in use to scale congestion windows. Since unreliable connections will cause the buffer to increase only linearly, how does one perform good scaling on that level?

    scratches head sometimes I’m a bit pessimistic that TCP is really that good at what people predominately use it for. Can it be better?