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Making an announce post because the thread has fallen off the front page and I’d like decent visibility. Click over to the other thread for the poll.

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      The similarly detail-oriented will have noticed that the Silver and Gold plans offer the option of an engraved thank-you gift, but the cost of this gift is deducted from the donation. I emailed the Unicode Consortium to ask what this cost was because I’d just chip in extra if it’s a couple bucks, but it’s $150 so the paper certificate would have to suffice.

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      Ah, yeah, I really like the perhaps-unintentional humility implied by the meta tag having a negative hotness modifier, but it does seem like this is a case where announce is warranted. :)

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      Looks like we’ve hit silver 🎉

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      I think we should also have some twitch emojis because they help when your doing sarcasm a lot more.

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        In my experience, the primary function of sarcasm on the Internet is retroactive: If someone says something which goes over badly, why, it was always sarcastic and you’re wrong for calling them on it!

        Therefore, the onus for sarcasm detection must always be on the other person.

        I’ve come up with two rules, which are obviously false because they give the game away:

        If I’m sarcastic and you fail to see it, you’re horrible at reading.

        If you’re sarcastic and I fail to see it, you’re horrible at writing.

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          No your right. it’s up to the other person to figure out if your bring sarcastic or not.