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These are some day one notes of what I’m setting up on day one after a broken wrist. I’d be super interested to hear other people’s accessibility setups!


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    I’d be super interested to hear other people’s accessibility setups!

    Was one of those guys that thought that simply mapping Caps Lock -> Ctrl would be enough to save my hands from Emacs. After 10 or so years of it my pinkies started to give out. Looked into other keyboard layouts, found that many of them (such as Dvorak) actually increased stress on the pinkies because they optimized solely for travel distance. Eventually went with carpalx’s QFMLWY layout, switched to the Kinesis Advantage which has all of the modifiers under the thumb, and completely re-did all of my Emacs keybindings. Also own Kinesis foot pedals but I don’t use them anymore.

    Took me about a month to adjust. Used to type 150 WPM in my prime, would say I type about 110 WPM now. Still going strong after 6 years.

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      That’s fascinating! How extensive are the emacs rebindings? Did you rebind them incrementally?

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        Fairly extensive. One of my favorite ways of procrastinating is messing with my editor, or brainstorming ideas for new editors/editing paradigms. So before the pinky crisis happened I already had some helper functions for overriding bindings in my init.el and had done some experiments with my bindings.

        The Kinesis has arrow keys conveniently located under my index and middle fingers so that freed up C-n, C-p, C-f, and C-b. I used keyboard-translate to free up C-i, C-m, C-[, and C-] which are usually unavailable because of terminal constraints. I only use Emacs in GUI mode so that wasn’t a big concern for me. The core of the remapping process involved me writing down all of my favorite commands, printing out the Kinesis layout with the QFMLWY keys, and manually mapping things such that they were convenient to reach w/o my pinkies using mnemonic sense as a tiebreaker.

        Some examples: Instead of C-/ for undo which is painful for me, I use C-u. TAB (completion, snippets) is another painful pinky key so I use C-a. C-h (help) is remapped to C-i.

        I also avoid binders that involve releasing modifiers, like C-x o (switch window). I don’t have that kind of precision when using the foot pedals. Anything like that gets remapped to be completely w/o modifiers or completely with. So C-x C-o is ok. I went with C-b. I don’t use the foot pedals anymore but I’ve grown fond of the rule and C-b in particular so I haven’t changed any of original remaps, but I’m no longer as vigilant about modifying new minor modes.

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        Have you tried spacemacs or been at all inspired by using the spacebar as a leader? the symmetrical nature of the spacebar as leader is really nice. also, vim bindings are much, much more ergonomic than the default emacs bindings.

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        Bummer! This happened to me a couple years ago when I fell while learning to skateboard. I had an Ergodox keyboard but it didn’t seem worth it for me to learn a new half-layout temporarily. I stuck with one-handing qwerty on my laptop’s fairly compact keyboard.

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          goose.haus doesn’t seem to have any A records, so this doesn’t load at all.

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            Thanks for catching that, ought to work now.

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              Slightly amazed you didn’t catch that, because Aliant doesn’t have v6 yet on residential lines. Or are you on Rogers, or a v6 tunnel?

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                It’s rogers

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            I get ridiculously bad eczema on my fingers sometimes, have absolutely no accessibility hacks for it, not really sure what you can do about it, maybe sew tiny pillows onto the tops of the keyboard keys… Some days when it’s bad if I catch the edge of a key on the middle of my finger it’s like someones stabbed a pin through my fingertip… The last bout was so bad that the fingerprint scanner on my laptop, phone and iPad stopped being able to recognise my fingerprint.

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              Many years ago, Jack Daniels and I were hanging out and he convinced me to have a footrace at 2AM vs a friend. Long story short I feel and folded my fingers to the top of my hand. The next week a hand specialist inserted 10-12 pins in my hand which stuck out of the skin for weeks while my bones mended themselves. I was doing some network admin type entry level work at the time and used a ton of VI for my editor. I ended up making it all work and got really fast with one hand in my day-to-day task. I found using a flat laptop keyboard was better than anything curved or too large.

              Get well soon…

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                  I was thinking about using a one hand layout. However not because of a broken wrist, but because I wanted to leave one hand on a mouse.

                  But nowadays for me I use mouse more and more.