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    Are there any lobsters out there at NASA who can answer Daniel’s question?

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      Debian is used on the ISS so curl is definitely deployed in space. It’s possible but very unlikely that it is completely dormant/unused; at least it would be used for apt updates. I’m surprised the author doesn’t mention that.

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      The relevant law aims to prevent certain supply-chain attacks. Presumably, if NASA could not verify that curl is not developed by the listed corporations, then they would have to stop using curl.

      I wonder whether the inability to rule out contributions from certain corners of the globe could be leveraged to deny governments the ability to source certain FLOSS tools, to both good and bad ends.

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        Huawei-Contribution-As-A-Service to prevent projects from being used by the US military? Interesting idea ;-)

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        What a dogshit response.

        I’m sorry for such strong language, but I just get that visceral feeling in my gut.

        My heart pours out for every single committer, THANK YOU. It’s shameful that NASA couldn’t spare a piece of data for someone so obviously interested, and for someone who’s done great work that some of their systems rely on.


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          So if they used something like RHEL as their platform, would they still ask the original author or would RedHat/IBM be liable in that case?