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    The UI for phones and tablets is fundamentally different from the desktop. Mobile UI has to be optimized for using your fingers, while desktop UI is optimized for mouse and keyboard. I think that UIs need to be developed specifically for the device form factor and input methods. The concern I’d have here is that you end up with a lowest common denominator UI that’s passable on both mobile and desktop, or worse one that’s optimized for mobile and works on the desktop as an afterthought.

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      Targeting the MCD is a very common trend lately. It seems to me the most common solution employed by every unimaginative administration board to please shareholders. It is an easy strategy: make more money by widening the market, and cater to all. It does not matter if the taste is dull. See Hollywood movies, videogames (destiny 2 :( ), and democracy. If this trends were to be taken for food, we all will be eating porridge.

      So little surprise here, Apple is definitely lacking vision and a strong leadership after SJ death. And they only seem to care about shareholders.

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        If this trends were to be taken for food

        One well-known VCistan’s company called Soylent actually tried this for food.

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      They’re trying to bring macOS in from the cold by making it easier for iOS devs to work on both platforms. Microsoft tried to do this with Windows Phone. The problem in both cases is that the platform itself is less interesting for developers. So sure, the Twitter for Mac app might get updated more frequently but it will still be an afterthought compared to the iOS version, which is where Twitter knows most of the eyeballs are. macOS will still be the “also ran” in comparison to the iPhone since more people will live with a webapp on the desktop than on mobile.

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        What are they doing differently compared to Microsoft, which tried to do the same thing and failed?

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          I don’t think they are trying to make a way to compile iOS apps to MacOS without modification. Maybe just some API unification so apps will have more shared code. Maybe ability to compile from shared codebase, which is possible (but developer should design and test UI separately for mobile and desktop anyway).

          The article is long, but has absolutely no details. It has no more information that in its title, as usual in such mainstream media with autoplay videos.