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    This was 16 years ago. Did they complete the stuff under Future Work or are there still gains to be had there?

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      Yep, I believe that most of that work is now complete, although it took a long time. For example, VFS giant lock compatibility was still in the 9 tree, ten years later.

      For those that missed them, the FreeBSD 5.x releases (the first with SMPng) were painful

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        Not sure about all the details, but one big thing that happened soon after was Matthew Dillon’s Dragonfly fork: http://www.dragonflybsd.org/history/

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          Dragonfly forked off FreeBSD 4 rather than the 5 branch in which the SMPng work took place, so it’s not entirely relevant for this.

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            The fork took place two years after this paper. For many reasons, but a large part of it was the difficulty realizing the course plotted here. So very relevant, IMO. DFly went back and forked from 4 because 5 was floundering.

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              Correct, reading my comment again I realize I was very unclear. With “not entirely relevant” I was referring to the code in Dragonfly not being based on the ideas/realizations in the paper but on a prevision version, so anyone wanting to read/trace code shouldn’t expect to find SMPng in Dragonfly.