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    DRM is great because it stops people pirating movies.

    I did not expect a statement like this to appear in an article about Open Source and Free Software. Also, it seemed very much out of place.

    By the way, evidence suggests that it’s not working. So perhaps it’s not all that great.

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      Whilst technically they mean the same thing

      No, they don’t. “Free software” doesn’t just focus on freedom, the licences prohibit use without sharing of source (GPL) while “open source” is a superset including licenses that don’t mandate it (MIT, BSD).

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        That’s not correct; free software includes permissive licenses as well. At least according to the FSF (the usual source associated with the term “free software”), copyleft is just a specific strategy for keeping software free, not part of the definition of software freedom, and software licensed under MIT/BSD-style licenses is also free software. They maintain a list of licenses they consider free-as-in-freedom here.

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          My understanding of their position is the software is free if it preserves user freedoms. They make it quite clear:


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        Folks, I’m pretty sure this is an April Fools' joke.

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            What makes you think that?

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            hey why were the tags changed to satire? it’s not…

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              Poe’s law